Dedicated Internet Connections

Why go dedicated? Imagine three lanes of traffic, where two are congested, and one vehicle speeds past the congestion in its own lane, totally un-obstructed . When it comes to the internet, a dedicated internet connection is that speeding, unobstructed car. It allows you to bypass the shared networks, running off your own wireless link to your office. No need to share the wireless signal with anyone else.

With a dedicated internet connection, we'll provide you with access to our monitoring system so you can keep track of your network's stats whenever you want or need to do so. We'll also provide redundancy backup services to ensure your connection stays reliable.

Work in remote areas via you dedicated internet connection:

  • Use ecommerce inventory programs, large-scale product databases, or other critical business applications
  • Manage web servers/applications, perform frequent back-ups
  • Operate real-time online auctions
  • Utilize voice, video, or do large data transfers
  • Require zero interruption connectivity

Please inquire for more details!