Rural Internet Service at its Best

In the not-so-distant past, people living and working in rural areas had to deal with some of the slowest and least reliable internet connections available. But, for home and business owners in northern Alberta, Nexxcom Technologies has revolutionized rural internet access and are connecting people to the web quickly and without fail. Now, when it comes to internet service, rural communities can access data with the same high speed and power that's enjoyed by those in the city.

Residential Internet Service Packages:

  • flexible
  • Custom Package
  • GREAT monthly rates
  • Internet Tailored for Your Needs!
  • Customer Support Line**
  • Unlimited Data
  • No Contracts
  • Online Billing
  • Request a Quote

*Speeds up to
**During business hours

Installation Fee $249.95 - $349.95

Free Site Survey, No Obligation

Managed WiFi Service $15/Month/AP

Forgot your WiFi password? Call us and we'll change it for you. Need a device blocked or allowed limited access to your WiFi? How about scheduled access to WiFi? You will receive all the support you need to maximize your internet experience with our Managed WiFi Service. Plus, don't buy a wireless route, we'll provide one, free of charge, and manage it for you!

Commercial Internet

24hr support line with faster service response times; be ahead of the cues for service and response, plus 24hr connection and pro-active link/connection monitoring. Need we say more?

*Speeds up to

Installation Fee Varies per site

Managed services, WiFi, Network, etc available

Free Site Survey, no Obligation

Managed WiFi Service $25/Month/AP

Whether you've forgotten your WiFi password, an employee is using all of your internet, or you want to prioritize network traffic, our Managed WiFi Service is a hassle-free, affordable solution for businesses. We'll even include a free wireless router - and manage it for you!

Powerful Internet Connections

With rural high speed internet service from Nexxcom Technologies, you can browse, stream, download, chat and work via our broadband network. Watch your favorite TV Streaming services, like Crave, Shomi and Netflix, and Low Latency ensures you'll enjoy the best gaming experience possible.

As your internet service provider (ISP), we'll ensure your family or workplace is equipped with the speed and data you need, regardless of whether you surf the web for personal enjoyment or the connection is a vital part of your business' operations.

High Speed, Not High Cost

At Nexxcom Technologies, we feel that just because you require rural internet in Alberta, doesn't mean you should have to pay a fortune every month for a connection that's fast and reliable. As your rural ISP providers, we're committed to offering you exceptional customer service and the best possible rural internet access, all at a price that's affordable.

Ready to try the best that our rural Alberta internet service has to offer? Choose Nexxcom Technologies as your providers and get more from your internet connection! Call us for more information: 1-866-943-2420

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